Locked Staking

New from Nanovest: Locked Staking

Return Up to 7% per year, nett

You Decide the Maturity Term

Can Start at 1.000.000 IDDR

100% #AmanSamaNano

Earn Up to 7% Return Per Year

Locked Staking, starting with 1,000,000 IDDR, you can earn up to 7% return per year nett. Maximize your Nanovest balance and earn more!

Top up and lock your Nanovest balance at your preferred period of 30, 90, or 180 days.

Perfect for you to start saving for the future! Nanovest is registered and regulated by BAPPEBTI.

Check out the lock period

Locking Period Return (net)
30 days 5.30%
90 days 5.80%
180 days 7.00%

Langkah Mudah Locked Staking

1. Open the App Nanovest (homepage) and click Locked Staking

2. Lock and earn up to 7% per year on the wallet page

3. Click Lock IDDR

4. Enter the Nanovest balance you want to Lock

5. Choose your preferred period and yield

6. Enter the amount of balance you want to Lock, and see the estimated Yield you will get

7. Agree to the terms and conditions, then click the “Confirm” button

8. Enter your PIN code

9. If the Success page has appeared

10. If you get a notification, then your transaction has been successful and the locked period has started!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Locked Staking is a feature where you can lock your crypto assets on-chain for a certain time and earn Yield based on the period you choose.

Final Yield = ((Yield Rate* x Number of Assets in Lock) / 365) x Lock period 

*The yield rate is subject to change at any time without notice by Nanovest’s policy.

Yes, you can lock in more than one program as long as the program is still available.

You must adhere to the Lock period that you have selected when making a Lock transaction, so you cannot cancel the Active Lock before the Lock period ends.

If the lock transaction is successful, the lock card will be active on the Locked Staking main page, and the history of Locked Staking Placement transactions with successful status will appear.


Start Locked Staking now and earn more returns!