Nanovest Gold

New Feature from Nanovest: Nanovest Gold

Digital Gold Investment Starting from Rp5,000

Real-time gold prices and instant transactions

Save Gold Easily

100% #AmanSamaNano


Easy and Safe Digital Gold Investment, Starting from Rp5,000!

Nanovest Gold is a digital gold investment product in collaboration with treasury.id. Nanovest is registered and supervised by BAPPEBTI, which ensures users can invest in gold assets digitally safely, and comfortably.

Gold investment is a safe and profitable investment in the long term. Gold is a low-risk asset portfolio diversification instrument known for a long time and resistant to Rupiah depreciation and inflation.

The Easy Way to Buy Gold

1. Open the Nanovest App ( homepage) and click Gold

2. Click Invest Now

3. Click Buy

4. Enter the Gold Purchase Amount and click Continue

5. Double-check the purchase details; you can return to the previous page if something is incorrect. If everything is correct, click Confirm

6. Enter your PIN code

7. Gold Purchase Successful!

8. Click View Details to see the status of your digital gold purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

Nanovest is registered and supervised by BAPPEBTI, ISO certified by CBQA Global, and also enrolled in the cybercrime risk protection coverage program provided by Sinar Mas Insurance. Users are certainly safe to invest.

Nanovest Gold is a digital gold investment product in collaboration with Treasury.id. You can invest in gold easily and safely, starting at Rp5,000!

Nanovest collaborates with treasury.id, a trusted brand that is a commodity asset storage platform licensed by BAPPEPTI and registered with the Electronic System Implementation of KOMINFO. Surely the safety of your gold is guaranteed!

Nanovest Gold is a safe, liquid investment diversification supported by treasury.id


Start Invest in Digital Gold Now!

Update your Nanovest app and start investing from Rp5,000. You can save gold for the future.

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