Flexible Staking

Top Up Nanovest Balance, and Get Up to 5% p.a nett per Year!

Yield Daily

No Locking Period

Yield Will be Added Automatically to Your Wallet

100% #AmanSamaNano


Invest and Earn Every Day!

It’s effortless! All you have to do is top up, and Nanovest will give you daily profits of up to 5% net per year. The profits earned will added to your wallet automatically!

Guaranteed 100% #AmanSamaNano because Nanovest is committed and provides the best security.

Nanovest is registered and supervised by BAPPEPTI, and your assets are guaranteed by Sinarmas Insurance.

Try it Now

1. Make sure you have topped up your Nanovest balance.
2. The next day, open the Wallet page and click Flexible Staking Yield.


3. Here is the page to find out the benefits you have received


4. Click view details for more information


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Profits of up to 5% p.a. net
  • Profits will be credited daily
  • Profits will only be calculated based on the IDDR Wallet balance of users in the Nanovest app.
  • Users are required to complete the KYC process beforehand.
  • Nanovest reserves the right to adjust the yield rate and/or the Terms and Conditions at its discretion without prior notice.
  • For more detailed Terms and Conditions, please visit https://www.nanovest.io/terms-and-conditions/
  • FAQ: https://nanovest.zendesk.com/hc/en/sections/22918531998105-Flexible-Staking

Flexible Staking is a program where you will get daily yield from your IDDR Wallet Balance.

Flexible staking is safe, and your assets are guaranteed by Sinarmas insurance.

IDDR is a stablecoin that has a value of 1:1 with Rupiah and has been registered and supervised by BAPPEBTI.

Yield Rate is the Yield Flexible Staking per year that you get from your IDDR Wallet Balance. You will get Yield Flexible Staking every day.

You can view the yield rate on the wallet page. *Yield rates are subject to change at any time under Nanovest’s policies.

You can top up by following the steps here.



Top up, and you can get benefits every day! 😱😱😱

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