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May Trading Be With You

Trading crypto assets on Nanovest, get a reward of $50,000

Trade as many crypto assets as you can until June 12, 2022, and win the $50,000 Pool Prize for 1,000 TOP TRADERs!


  1. Competition period: 12 May - 12 June 2022

  2. This competition applies to all users who:

  3. Have an active Nanovest app account; and

  4. Done KYC process.

  5. The total reward pool that can be won is $50,000 for 1000 winners, in proportion to each winner's trading volume

  6. Users who are eligible for rewards are users who enter the top 1000 rankings. This ranking is ordered by the largest number of trading volumes during the competition period.

  7. The assets used for calculating the trading volume are limited to the types of crypto assets in the Nanovest application.

  8. The amount of reward received by a winner is calculated proportionally based on the total trading volume of that user to the total trading volume of the top 1000 ranked users during the competition period then multiplied by the total reward pool.

Example of the reward calculation:

→ At the end of the competition period, Trader A is in 3rd rank (included in the top 1000). During the competition period, the trading volume of crypto asset A was IDR 2 billion. During the competition period, the total trading volume of crypto assets from the top 1000 was IDR 20 billion. So, in this trading competition, A is entitled to a reward worth = (2 ÷ 20) x $50,000, or $5,000.

  1. The calculation of trading volume starts from 12 May 2022 at 00:00 WIB until 12 June 2022 at 23:59 WIB.

  2. Rewards won will be provided in the form of Nanovest balance.

  3. Users can view rankings periodically on the Nanovest app, on the “My Rewards” page.

  4. During this competition period, every week, Nanovest will also distribute attractive rewards to top-rank traders for that week. This attractive reward can only be won 1 (one) time by each top trader.

  5. Nanovest at its discretion reserves the right to change, continue or stop this program at any time with prior notice.

  6. The Nanovest party at its discretion has the right to cancel any reward disbursement if there are transactions indicated to contain suspicious and/or fraudulent elements and/or fraud against the program provisions and the terms and conditions on the Nanovest Application.

  7. By joining this program the user has read, acknowledged, and agreed to all applicable terms and conditions.

  8. For more information, users can contact [email protected]

  9. This program does not apply to employees of Nanovest or its affiliates.


  1. When can I receive my reward if I’m included in the list of winners?

→ The full distribution of rewards will be carried out a maximum of 30 calendar days after the entire trading competition program ends and the list of competition winners has been announced.

  1. Where will the reward be sent?

→ The rewards will be provided in the form of a balance and we will send it in the form of a Nanovest balance to the winner's account in the Nanovest application.

  1. Will trading on stock assets also be counted in calculating the transaction volume in this competition?

→ Sorry, in this “May Trading be With You” trading competition, we only take into account the trading volume of users on crypto asset transactions.

  1. Which types of crypto assets are taken into account in this trading competition?

→ All transactions on any crypto asset you traded during this campaign period will be taken into account by us.

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